DVD Compatibility Problem

When I burn my DVD’s, they play fine in my newer stand-alone DVD player.
However, in older players they skip, glitch, and pause, sometimes stopping altogether.
I’m using:

  1. cinema craft encoder to convert my .avi files to .mpg files.
  2. TMPG to author the DVD files (convert to .vob etc.)
  3. Nero Rom (and Nero Express @ different times) to burn onto a disk.

I’ve tried different media types (brand names) and am using DVD-R disks.
My .mpg files play fine (in windows media player for example)

I can’t tell where my problem lies (which program), or what to do to fix it.
I just also tried “de-compressing” the folder that my video files are stored in, as I was told this might be the problem - no luck!

Obviously, i’m looking for a way to create the most compatible DVD possible.

Please, please, please… desparately looking for advice!

Bitset it to DVD-ROM and use +R’s.

What is your maximum and minimum bitrate in CCE? I suggest lowering the maximum to 8000 kbit/s (or lower) and raising the minimum to 2000 kbit/s (or higher). It may help.