DVD compatibility of an Acura 2001 Navigation system

I have a 2001 Acura MDX with a navigation system. I bought a new DVD for a 2008 Aucra MDX Version 4.63…the instructions say I need a “Honda/Acura Navigation Update setup disc”. Does anyone know where I can get one?
Calling the Navigent I only get voice prompt with irrelevant information.

Don’t know whether it’s true for all models, but according to a thread at acurazine.com it should be shipped with the actual Nav disc:

I have a 2005 RL and have patiently been waiting for the release of the new NAV DVD. I finally got it last Saturday, two disks: one was a software setup disk and the second one was the new data DVD.

I would ask a local dealer or call the Acura Map Update hotline:

btw. who still sells [I]new[/I] 2008 discs ?