DVD Compatibility, Dual Layer conundrum, and Other Issues

I have two DVD players in my home. The first is a nice, lovely Curtis portable DVD player that will play just about anything I want to.

The second one is an older, somewhat crapful DVD player hooked up to my not-nearly-as crapful 30" LCD flatscreen. Though somewhat obsolete, I discovered, much to my pleasure, that it did indeed play a dual-layer DVD version of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

As it happens, said DVD player–an RCA DRC350N “Progressive Scan” model–really, REALLY doesn’t like certain DVD brands. It seems to play DVD+Rs manufactured by Benq and Sony just fine, but it flat-out refuses to read most DVD-R models like Maxell and DVD+Rs manufactured by Fujifilm, giving me a “damaged or dirty” disc error every time I try.

Forgive me for being a newb, but I was wondering–is there a list of compatible blank media brands for DVD players anywhere on the web? In case I royally screw something up and I damage my Pirates DVD, I want to have a backup that will actually play in my RCA, but I’m rather hesitant. Since my player is rather picky as to DVDs it will read, I don’t know what brand of DVD-Dual Layer I should use, and I have no clue as to whether I should use -R or +R.

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There is only one brand of DL Media to use. Verbatim, make sure that you booktype DvD+R DL to DvD-Rom.

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:iagree: I second that.

As for the discs you have tried, most of the names you mentions are merely brands, and the actual manufacturers can be totally different. It’s a real mess and things are not improving these days. :frowning:

For single layer +R / -R, it’s also a good idea to stick with Verbatim, or Plextor if you can find some and can afford them, or unbranded Taiyo Yudens (beware of fakes!) +R 8X (YUDEN000T02) or -R 16X (TYG03) from reputable online shops. Another good choice IMO is the HP branded CMC MAG E01 (8X +R).

When you burn +R media for video purposes, also use [I]bitsetting[/I] to DVD-ROM if you burner supports it, for better compatibility with possible older standalone players. :wink: