DVD combo drive/SW causes hang/crash. Help

I am experiencing the worst. When I place a DVD/CD-ROM in my 812s my system hangs. The drive stays active, keeps spinning, and can be ejected. However, everything else is unresponsive. The funny thing is that if I open Power DVD and then load the DVD, it works flawlessly. The same with CD-ROM. If I open UNREAL 2003 and let is ask for the run CD, no problems.

I know that this is a software issue, as I have done a total tear down and changed the EIDE cables. I normally run a selective auto play with a prompt for program options. I have Norton 2003 with Internet security. This occurs with them active and disabled. I run Nero 6.0 OEM. I had Sonic DLA, but have since removed the software, as it is know to cause this type of issue. I could not find InCD on my system, as I heard that might be the cause.

So I am stuck. I cannot figure this one out. Any help would be super cool.

CPU-P4 2.4 800 FSB
VID CRD- XFX nvidia 5200 256MB ONBOARD RAM

I had this exact type of situation happen to me with the CDRW drive that came with my computer (HP) and it turned out to be that the CDRW drive was dying. It was not long when this started happening that the drive finally quit alltogether. I hope that this is not the problem in your case, but I figured I’d mention it just in case.

Erm, this isn’t that technical is it?

Dream1: I don’t quite get your problem. You say your system hangs when you put (for instance) a movie DVD in your 812s drive. Then you fire up PowerDVD (how do you do this on a hanging system?) and it works again.

Could you perhaps try again to explain it… thanx!

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Dream1, I am having a very similar problem and I’m starting to think that it is a PowerDVD issue. I wil sometimes get an error stating that the DVD I’m trying to play is of the wrong format (a pressed, commercial disk) I eject the disk and reinsert and then away it goes. My biggest problem however is having the playback lockup right about where a layer change would be. Sometimes the movie will stutter it’s way through and sometimes completely lock up. I’ve changed my DMA settings from DMA2 33 MB/s to Multi-word DMA and had some improvement, but the problem still persists.