Dvd color

i bought a nec 4550 after a pio 108, i noticed that burning a verbatim -r 8x at every speed 4 or 8 the dvd color is not omogeneus but it presents some circular bands that pio didn’t do, it is normal?, i want say that the dvd are good after mastering and nero infotool gives a 99-98 point of quality thanks a lot

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mine does that to i have no idea why it is weird though

[QUOTE=sasha7777]mine does that to i have no idea why it is weird though[/QUOTEi want only to know if it is normal, because my old one driver didn’t do that thing . thank a lot bye :slight_smile:

That depends on the writespeed and writemethod/-strategy used.

As long as they are readable normally, you don’t have to bother. :wink:

These differences in color are due to the different laser power applied in different areas of the disc. That’s perfectly normal with modern drives using Z-CLV strategies and have WOPC. :cool:

Those rings show you the zones, where writing speed was shifted up due to Z-CLV writing strategy or WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Calibration) technology.

You get an excellent result, so don’t bother on those bands/rings.