DVD Code Protection



Hi there,

I am just posting to see if any1 knows of a piece of software or any way of placing something similar to like a pin code protection on a dvd so that only people who know the code can watch the dvd?



Not if it is to be a compliant DVD structure - do you plan to watch this DVD on a PC or a computer?


i’m guessing you mean on a pc or a dvd player - i want to watch it on a dvd player



anybody any ideas?
there was a guy over at Doom9 knows how to do it but when people have asked, he hasn’t replied



Then maybe he’s bragging or off to the big players to sell the idea for big bucks?


sounds about right but still worth a shot to see if anyone on here has any ideas :slight_smile:


Ill show how to do it. Email me removed


[QUOTE=Andsgw2002;2514582]Ill show how to do it. Email me removed[/QUOTE]Why don’t just show us all “how to do it” ?