DVD coasters after installing clonecd

I purchased clone cd a while back before they were bought out by another company. I hadn’t installed clone cd on my new computer with a dvd burner until just recently. Prior to installing clone cd, I was able to make perfect backups of my dvd’s using dvd shrink and nero.
Now, after installing an older version of clone cd, I am having serious problems making backups of dvd’s. Most of the time I’m just making coasters.

Is there a way to fix this problem without reformatting?

Thank you,


Can you still make backups using shrink? Are you getting any errors or is the output bad? I would personally stick with shrink as it is free and worked well for you before.

I’m still using shrink. I was using clone cd for something else entirely. But I remember reading somewhere that clonecd or alcohol can sometimes cause problems with burning dvd’s.