DVD Cloner?

I downloaded dvd cloner version 2.50 and found a patch for it. When i run the patch it says crc mismatch. Any idea what this means or why it want patch it. Thanks

i see that your new,talkin on illegal stuff aint allowed here so you wont get an answer for that

k, sorry about that. I figured if you could edit firmware and stuff then you could do this.

Yo phil-

Think that you are wrong with this one-

We have Forums for CloneDVD, DVDto1, DVDshrink, DVDrebuilder, etc-

DVD Clone is in the same catagory-


Surely not when the clear implication is that the patch is for bypassing the need to enter a valid serial #, which is exactly how phil has interpreted it. As have I.


Now I understand phils comments - sorry - my bad-eh?