DVD-Cloner Users?

Did a quick search in the forums, but i can’t find much about DVD-Cloner (http://www.dvd-cloner.com). Does anyone used this? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like this forum is populated by people who use either
DVD2One (which in my opinion,and probably a host of others,is the cat’s ass for DVD copies),DVDXCOPY,or a more involved method using IFOedit,DVD2AVI,and other great but time consuming applications. I,at first considered DVD-Cloner,but for some reason,it never really caught on,but don’t really know it’s degree of quality. Maybe someone can reply who is better suited to answer your question…Anyone???

I use Dvd-Cloner and DVD2one both work OK but I do tend to use DVD2one more:)

what do Dvd-Cloner ???

do the same to DVD2ONE???

and the time is almost the same???

I have a fresh copy. Reasonably successful with it but I would like a mode that would give me more options (like Shrink). I have run into trouble with backing up my Men In Black original. The movie works great on the PC but will not play on the TV. I tried reripping, recoding and reburning it several times with no success. I have read that the problem could be in the IFO files so I downloaded IFOedit to have a look but that code is a little over my head at the moment. If Shrink will crunch the “movie only” and give me an IFO file that plays the one movie file on the disk I will be a happy camper. So that is my next step. I could get a hell of a lot more done if I didn’t have to work for a living.

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What is the reason for your DVD2one preference?

I have had good luck with DVD-Cloner. It is fast but I would like to see more user selectable options. (aspect ratio and sound especially) I have only had one really strange thing happen. My Men In Black backup will play with WinDVD but no in my standalone player. Made several attempts (coasters) with this disk but I have not succeeded yet. If you have suggestions I’d be happy to listen.

now I use dvdshrink is cool and works fine