DVD cloner III


After using Sonic and Roxio I jumped to DVD closer III, and not only when copy guard in place, but when the others could not do the job, DVD Cloner III did. The one day after installing a BOT blocker I saw that shen using DVD closer III, the application was going out on the web. I opted to “not allow” and DVD cloner stoped working.

  1. Is DVD cloner III sending out what programs I am copying?
  2. After a while I removed DVD closer III and reinstalled it (yes I had the backup dvd), or tried to reinstall it. At some point in the process it ask for the magin number from when I first installed it. I had the paper work and entered in the 16 digit number. Then I am supposed to get a email with more input information. I never get the email and the link to go to if due to “AOL or Verizon” I do not get the email is a dead end. Several email to their tech support has provided NO response.
  3. Now, do to question 1. above, I am now not sure I want their snooping product.
  4. Any advise from the universe of media burners, better product, ideas on why they appear to be snooping, a solution to the reinstall?

Other then that, life is grand.

Dear Steve: the program that we offer a forum for is CloneDVD2 by Elby/Slysoft. I can vouch that this program does not do any snooping. But as for DVDCloner3, I have no idea, but if you are sure that it is happing I would remove it from my computer ASAP. Just my opinions.