DVD Cloner 5 - help convert to AVI

I purchased the package this morning from Herman Street ; it is supposed to include conversion to AVI, WMV, etc when you copy your DVD’s. It is supposed to be bundled into the package I bought. However, there appears to be separate components to purchase to do this. Has anyone used this software? And have you successfully used all the features advertised? I need a lot of different guidance on how to do some things, and the manuals/faq’s, etc… do not seem to sync up with what I received.

Thanks greatly…

"Features: Bundled with DVD Cloner 5 is the ability to convert your DVDs to multiple formats using DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG and DVD to SVCD. Typically this would require expensive additional software, but with version 5 it’s already included.

This software also has the ability to copy to your hard drive, which is a useful, energy saving feature for laptops"

Herman Street is the name of the company.

Don’t shoot the messenger…read here:

[quote=~Jethro~;2017330]Don’t shoot the messenger…read here:

:Z:Z I’ll give it a go as long as I have it I guess. I did find the avi component, it is a free download since I bought/registered the software, so that made me feel better. The AVI files aren’t great quality, but I’m still playing with the settings. You never know which reviews to believe, sadly!

thx , no guns aimed your way. :slight_smile: