DVD Cloner 4 problem - Please Help!

I just bought DVD Cloner4 as it came highly recommended. How disappointed I was when I couldn’t even select DVD files off of my hard drive!

The files on my hard disk are legally bought. Others are home-made movies. I was able to access them with WindDVD Creator, but bought DVD Cloner4 for all its features.

However, I can’t even select movie files off my hard drive! Not a single one! After clicking the source directory to access my folders, the ‘open’ button does not highlight, ever - for any folder! As I don’t even have the option to click ‘ok’ or ‘open’, what am I to do?

I am following the directions for HDD backup, and it does not work. Why can I not import any movie files off my hard drive???

Any suggestions appreciated,


As we only support CloneDVD2 from Slysoft/Elby here, I cannot give you much help, I am sorry for this. Maybe with a little luck someone will have this program and respond. Did you try uninstalling the program and reinstalling, maybe you have a bad file in Cloner program. Just a quess. :frowning:

RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn. Maybe not the answer you’re looking for since you just paid for a program, but that combination is an excellent one and all free.

I have heard nothing but bad news about DvD Cloner.

As scoobiedoobie is pointing out the combination of these programs will cover you both for single layer and double burning.

RipIt4Me + FixVts - Frontend tools to remove copy protection.

DvD Shrink or DvD Decrypter - Ripping programs to be used with the above.

ImgBurn - Burning program to burn your image(s) output from the above.

All these programs are free and do the job very well. They will come highly recommended from alot of people in this forum.

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I see no problem to use the pressed DVDs then as source and trying it.

I agree with [B]chef[/B]: if DVD Cloner4 is expecting an ISO file or a physical DVD, then it may not work with VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive.

Best to read the instructions and try with the original.

Technologically speaking it should because it has the same transcoding engine as DVD Shrink, just updated.

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