Dvd-cloner 2 cuts my movies in half: HELP!

Hey, I’m new here and my question and problem is, I’m using the registered version of Dvd-Cloner II and it works great except for one problem, when I play it in my dvd player and other dvd players, it cuts off the movie about an hour into it each time, I select 1 disk and burn it, I’ve tried using movie only, but still it does the same thing, I even tried 2 disks with movie only, and it failed again, I can’t figure out how to remove special features and such from it with this program if that is the case and there isn’t enough room on the disk, but I don’t get it, and It’s driving me insane, I have wasted 4 DVD-Rs. Please help.

Dvd-Cloner II is junk.
try dvd shrink