DVD Clone Cyclical Redundancy Error

I tried to back up Brothers Grimm it is brand new and I get this error everytime I try to. It does this with every movie I try to back up. Is there something wrong with my burner? It’s a Sony DL I don’t know the exact model.

This could be caused by dirty, bad or defective media, also poor reading, in this case your drive.

thanks, it did the same thing when I was using DVDshrink too. i’m using some cheap discs from Staples. i will try some better discs, have any recomendations? also when i put the blank disc in it starts to burn but the status % never changes.

Does your CRC error occur during the read part of the process? If so, then your burner has not even seen your writable media. Bad or marred original or perhaps dirty laser lens on your burner are best guesses with limited info given.

No it happens when it’s burning. I can’t tell how much is burnt on the disc without looking at the disc. It looks like the discs are burning about 80% before it stops. The %meter for the burn process isn’t changing even though it’s burning. I’m new to DVDClone 2.

Better blank media such as TYs or Verbs may help along with a 4X burn speed.

I went and bought some different discs and a lense cleaner for the burner, maybe it’s dirty. thanks for the advice.

Are you having trouble burning or ripping? I couldn’t get Brothers Grimm to rip at all. The same with Stealth and Zorro.

I got Brothers Grimm done last night. I updated my firmware on my drive It’s a Sony DW22A witch is a liteon drive. It’s burning fine now but every movie I put in there it says the disc is dirty. I click retry and then it keeps going fine. I also switch media to maxell and burn at 4x it works great now. I used anydvd and clonedvd2 to back up Brothers Grimm.

I have the same problem with “borther’s grimm” using three different dvd drives. I don’t think it’s the drive or software, but maybean encoding deal with that dvd? Every other dvd works fine with the same drives and software.

Got it. Apparently this DVD uses “copy protection by Disc-Corruption mechanisms”. I grabbed DVDFab Decrypter from Doom9.net (downloads section under Descrambling/ripping tools) and it ripped out the files and decrpyted them no sweat, then I shrunk it to 4.7gb and burned uit using dvdshrink. I chose DVDFab for it’s “always updated to handle copy protection by disc corruption mechanisms” feature, by the way.

what version of anydvd are u using… if its the latest then I wonder if they can fix it in the next version?

AnyDVD addressed this issue a while ago; the problem is in DVDShrink due to lack of updates. CloneDVD has no such problem, at least with the US version.

thats not entirely true… i have come across the same problem with BE COOL and i’m using the latest anydvd and clonedvd2 versions… and using vert media… so i’m just waiting like everyone else…

I did “BE COOL” with an older version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with no problems what so ever…ergo, something else is affecting your burns…