Dvd Clone 2 and Any dvd Running slow

I don’t know if anyone can help me but I’m going to ask anyway. I have been using anydvd and clonedvd2 for about 18 months and its worked well. I recently had to restore my computer and reinstalled the programs. The programs used to take about 30 minutes to copy the newest movie but now they take almost 1 hour 10 min. What could have happened to slow down the burning process so drastically? I’ve reinstalled all the drivers for the system, motherboard and updated the firmware. I even made sure that the IDE settings were set to DMA. I’m out of ideas. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Brad

Turn off everything that is not needed on your taskbar. Right click on the popcorn eating sheep and disable. It uses a lot of memory. Just a few things that might speed it up a little.

I did as you said and it still the same.

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The below Forum posting might prove to be helpful.



have you tried a new 80 wire IDE cable?

Do you mean replace the cable between the burner and motherboard or harddrive

The cable between the burner and motherboard.

i am also having a similar problem , i had a older pc ( 3 year old or mb more) and well i have warranty and was bored got a new one , better in all ways , atlest twice as much x2…

i had win xp home now i have pro

i had 1 gb ram 400mhz now i have 2 gb ram 533mhz

had 1 250gb hd now i have 2 250 gb hd total of 500 gb .

i put my same dvd burner n reader , burner jumper setting is on master and dvd reader is on slave

both drives can read and burn all formates but i tested one to another in the past and one reads faster then other …

my dvd burners are sony dru530a and i/o magic the one that is latest 16x dvd burning but before light scribe

they both have the same firmware they used to had before i swaped pc .

so firmware is probly out of the question…

so my problem is that a dvd used to read in about 23 mins at most and now its taking 30 +

one of my drives * device 0* is set to pio and i put option to ultra dma2
but it just doesnt change .* device 1* is set to ultra dma 2 so this is the fastest drive , but its stil slow , and i for some reason think taht if both run as ultra dma 2 then it might be faster …

i tried reinstailling disabling uninstalling ,… and noting seems to work , funny thing is i have the exact same pc on my other room except for the pro edition of os and the ide is on ultra dma 2 just fine , oh and its not dvd burners too cuz i tried unpluging n swaping …

any ideals guys???

i have latest version of anydvd and clonedvd2 and for some reason i think it only does this on dvds that are 6 + gb … i could be wrong , but it did it on silent hil and some other dvds … but its now becoming a normal thing to be taking long time . …

any replys are apriciated thx

i tried changing the cables and it still runs the same. My computer is exactly the same as it was before and the program still runs at almost half the original burning speed