DVD clips? slightly off topic



OK, this is slightly off topic But you all have been a great help in the past and no one on the other boards has been able to help me yet.
And Im not sure if ANY DVD could possible help or not.

basically here is my problem.

I have a couple DVD’s I made form television recording(on a stand alone recorder) This made them as one big track. What I would like to do is capture select footage form each dvd and then re-edit them to make one dvd. What programs our out there if any that can let me capture certain footage (clips) so that i can edit them with a program like windows movie editor, ect. and then reburn them? OR even just cut them so I can make them multiple “tracks” on a dvd?

thanks again and I know this is off topic…But can ANy DVD do any of this by me useing it as a ripper?


no. anydvd’s ripper will not work for what you want. you could use clonedvd2 then where it says dvd-5 box put to custom and then change the numbers to fit the quality bar to 100%. then take that and run it through shrink (to take stuff out) then burn.


Or VOBBLANKER will do it to from what I hear.