DVD cleaning



Didn’t know where to put this, so here goes…
Whenever I lend my DVDs out to people, they come back dusty with fingerprints. What is the best way to clean them, I used to clean CD’s with a soft t shirt and it worked fine, but for some reason this method leaves dust and scratches on DVD’s.


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I’m probably wrong but toothpaste seems a little drastic to me. I think that the original question relates more to good DVDs that have the odd thumb print and or specks of dirt ?

I have just bought a motorised cleaner from digital Inovations. I have only tried it on a few disks so far and although it does remove thumb prints and specks of dirt I still have concerns about spraying chemicals onto a DVD.


Was given disk clinic made by JML which has proved very usefull,does a very good job


I use untreated kleenex moistened with water and works fine on the odd fingerprint and dust.



Rule #1 - DON’T loan your DVD’s to anyone!!!

Rule #2 - If you do - make a backup copy (takes 6-10 minutes)-



Warn your friends that if the DVD doesn’t come back in the ORIGINAL condition, that this will be the last time you loan it out. Works for me.


You mean ripping ONLY? if for complete backup, please tell how.