DVD Cleaning Wipes (recommend a high quality item)


I recently received a free copy of Windows Vista, via a promotion for Microsoft.

The DVD has a mark on each side, which I believe can be cleaned (thank god it doesn’t contain any scratches, though many of the marks look similiar.)

The marks can also be felt when touched, though they aren’t thick.

What DVD wipes would you suggest? I am looking for high quality wipes, as I don’t want to damage the DVD. If possible, links to the item would be appreciated.

Here are several photos of the important side:

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Is that legal?

i’d say its alredy damaged , it looks like some nasty scratches

There must be some possible solution. They aren’t that bad (they need to be scraped off without causing damage.)

i’ll give you $2 for it!

clean it off with a wet microfiber cloth before you send it to me, thanks.

Nothing less than $130! :iagree: Thanks for the tip.

There won’t be any buying and selling on this site. Please read the rules.:cop:

I’m not selling here (no intentions.) Just asking on how to clean the dvd and responding sarcastically to a response.

How does this look:

It’s obviously for cars, but can work on other things, since in concept it’s pretty much made for the same purpose. I chose this, because i need it delivered asap.

It also has Safety edging to prevent scratching

Maybe not here and H3rB3i deleted my post :a Thanks H3rB3i :cop:

He edited the 1st post in this thread, since i mentioned that I needed to sell it.

Either way, it’s not a big deal.
Moderators have to take proper care of their specific forum, so it’s fine with me & very understandable.

Your lucky he didn’t ban you and close this thread!

You’ve been here long enough to know you that. I say just throw it in a paper crosscut shreader and listen to it chew it up :stuck_out_tongue: People trying to make a fast buck :rolleyes:

You could just use some warm water and a cotton bud / ball.

Is it safe (no scratches, additional marks, tested?)

Well I use it. Thats enough testing for me.

Just make sure that there are no bits of dust, grit, etc on the bud.

Also make sure you go from the centre out. NOT in a circle.

By center out, do you mean in lines from the center of the cd? Is that correct?


Yes, start in the middle and wipe straight out. Do not start in the middle and wipe in a circular motion.

:cool: :cool:

I use “CleanDr” it is a motorized Disc Cleaner, comes with a bottle of cleaning spray so far I have cleaned many disc’s with no problems you can get it at bestbuy.com or the bestbuy store itself.
Here is the link

Many thanks for all of the responses. :slight_smile:
I really appreciate them.