DVD Classic x New Ripper = No Way**Help**

NEWBIE TO Forum & to COPYING Senior Surfer (Be Gentle with me please;))

I’ve decided to backup my DVD & Video collections.
So I’m in the process of copying my video tape collection of 450+!!
I thought some of my DVD’s
are out of date I’ll transfer them on to HD DVD’s, Blu Ray etc…
I went on the internet to find THE best ripper of 2008 I wanted THE latest technology & I found “ImTOO Ultimate Ripper” so I bought it there & then:rolleyes:
I then got one of my Classic DVD’s “Dirty Harry” to copy to file. It failed @ 52% complete:sad:
When it told me it was going to take 3hrs to complete I left it running over night.
Sunday morning I got up & it was stuck @ 52% It said time till completion 4:05:57 4hrs & it was increasing the counting instead of decreasing it.

So I aborted the DVD menu & closed the program.
I thought this was “The Ultimate” Ripper available??
This is an old movie I bought it years ago surely they are easier to do than the modern ones?
I haven’t tried it on any of my others yet as this film is one of my all time favorites & I need to get this sorted out first.

Cheekyman (Frank) :cool:

PS: I played back the 52% that was in my output folder. Quite impressed. Good quality footage.:iagree:
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the problem is your vhs movies are copy right protected. The way i do it is i have an ads dvd express. the vcr hooks to the dvd express and it hooks to pc usb. It comes with a capture wizard and the movie plays and the copy protection doen’t know it’s being copied. It puts it in a file as mpeg2 and then i run that through nero vision. ps. you set the capture bitrate so it will fit on a dvd

Hi Donewell :clap:
Thanks for reply.
I found a FREE progam that fixed the problem. My DVD Drives weren’t talking to any programs???
I couldn’t even play DVD films untill I solved it with this program.
Look at the bottom of the page @ WindowsCare!!!
Release date: 17th Jan 2008 Latest technology.
Cheekyman :wink:
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cheekman, i am the ImTOO support on this forum, sorry for seen your post late and answering late.

As to your that favorite DVD, could you have a look whether this DVD’s structure is a normal one with only two folder “Audio_TS” & “Video_TS” ?

Have u tried other DVD with our product?

By the way, i have seen you homepay, very good.

anyway, i am sorry for the inconvinience with the product

Hi, :clap:
Thanks for replying.
I’m sorted now! The ripper works just fine.
It was my disk drives.
Thanks for your concern.
My next project is archiving my video tape library!!
I’ve just found out the bl**dy tapes are copy protected!! I didn’t know :disagree:
My local PC shop has just set me up with all the equipment and given me the wrong advice :rolleyes:
The gear I’ve got is useless. :sad:
They TOOK my money though :a
Thanks again
Cheekyman (Frank) :cool:

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