DVD-Checks from Silent Hill 3



what Programm i have to use for make an working copy of SH 3 DVD ?


sorry but its not possible yet to backup DVDROM protections.


thanks for info. what a pitty :sad:


make a copy using nero, alcohol 120% or any software then get file to over write…its a securerom protection i reckon.

old man emu


Are you referring to a no-cd patch/crack? If so, they are ILLEGAL and they are not welcome here.


I have Silent Hill 3 on DVD and as yet have not been able to make a working backup of it with any software.
All backup copies will install but not play.


This game is protected with securom 4.85, so it’s not possible to make a backup of it… yet


There are some games like this one and ISS pro evolution 3 that are not possible to copy using emulation. However games like Enter the Matrix or UT2k4 I could copy them by the way of emulation on BW 5.