DVD Chapters

I have downloaded episodes of The OC for my girlfriend who is obsessed with it. I have converted 15 episodes into DVDs. 5 Per DVD The first Disc I accidently put in chapters in so when I skip It doesnt go to the next episode like I want it to. Is there a program that will edit which ever file it is that hold this information so I can remove the chapters?

I can easily just re-convert them but I was curious as to if there is a program that will do this to save me a lot of time.

The Program I am using are:
WinAVI - To Convert to DVD
DVD Shrink - To Shrink the files if they are to big for the DVD
Copy To DVD - Burn the files to DVD


Yes - pgcedit (freeware) will do this. Click on link below and you will find a guide I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It takes about 5 minutes (plus ripping/burning time).


The point is: it’s not allowed, AFAIK.

The forum rules apply.

That’s a good point. Actually at the moment i doesn’t know really if it’s allowed or not regarding tv episodes. Wouldn’t it be the same or similar if you record it on a standalone recorder from a tv channel. These crazy laws are makin me confused.

You are alloud to have TV show for up to a year with out it being illegal. As long as it doesnt have adverts or something.

actually, it is illegal, technically, its illegal to record shows off the tv, as its infringing copywrite. The point being, if everyone did it, no-one would buy the dvd. Channels are starting to think about offering legal tv downloads


Yep, that’s the other side.

The rules/laws applying to such cases are going to confuse us all, I think.

We here in Germany got such [I]nice new novelles[/I], you would not know if you wshould cry or laugh if you would know them… :-X

PS: We like to help you with, just don’t tell titles and such.

Interesting, regarding laws in germany that’s right totally strange, but at least there i’ve found it’s allowed to record shows or movies with a standalone from a channel.

I remember some years back in the UK there were some mutterings about time limiting home made recordings (on VCR but I presume DVD would not be different) but it was basically laughed out of existence by the newspaper media.

Whilst there might be technically a UK law preventing recordings being held for over a certain period of time, I have never heard of it being enacted upon.

What is certainly illegal is to record a TV program and then distribute copies for non personal use (which in itself is open to interpretation - e.g. is lending a tape to a friend legal - the common view is that this is ok).

I don’t really hold with the view re recording a TV series rather than buying it. I often buy a TV series simply as it is more convenient. It takes a lot of effort to record a program weekly, and remember to do all episodes.

In addition, TV series often cut action, and are of course often littered with adverts. People buy a TV series if it a) good quality, and b) reasonably priced.

Downloading TV programs from an unlicenced web site though is a different issue, as in some cases this is clearly piracy.

Germany has good laws. So does China.

Believe me not in all cases regarding copyright laws.

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Good for whom??