DVD chapters not working... sometimes




I’ve been using Nero Recode for a while, and I’ve started seeing some weird bugs within the program. It used to have a problem with encoding at about 1/3 of the speed, but now a problem seems to randomly occur where buttons in DVD menus (particularly tv series DVD’s) just don’t work resulting in it freezing or just stopping.

Currently i’m using recode, but I may have to go back to CloneDVD 2 if this keeps happening - which is a shame becuase it has nowhere near the quality of recode.

Anyone else had this problem??




I experience a similar problem. It depends on DVD-Player. The problem is there on a Yamaha DVD player, but the same DVD works fine on a Philips DVD player.
DVDs created using DVD Shrink work fine on both DVD players. Therefore I am sure, that there is a problem within Nero Recode.