Dvd/cdrw combo speed help



i recently had a computer built and it has a dvd-rom/cd-rw combp drive, but i have no idea what speed it is. If there is a program floating around that could help me out.....

thanks guys.


Try Nero CD-Speed or Nero InfoTool both avalible at www.cdspeed2000.com


Can’t you check the brand in the hardware property window in Windows ?


I don’t think so, i have win 95


Originally posted by kwkard
I don’t think so, i have win 95

right click on my computer
left click on hardware properties
left click on the cross left to the cdrom player icon
double (left) click on your cdrom player there…

i think the brand of the thing already showed up now by the way.

95 … that’s been a long time…


ok thanx