DVD/CDRW-Combo SlimDrive for laptops


i was wondering if anyone can give me recommendations for a dvd/cdrw-combo slimdrive for a laptop.

there are several manufacturers for these types out there: toshiba, qsi, liteon, matsushita/panasonic, samsung and so on.

as for the dvd-functions i live in a rpc2 coutry but also like watching rpc0 and rpc1 dvds so there should be a solution to make it region-free.

as for the cdrw-functions i would like to have a drive that can burn cdr with at least 16x and cdrw 10. it should be 100% clonecd compatible (raw+96) and should support overburning and an underbuffer protection.

i know this is a lot to ask for but maybe some of you have the right drive already sorted out and can give recommendations. also, i know that every notebook vendor sells his own drives for there laptop-series but believe me when i say you don’t need to bay these overprized products but instead get a drive yourself and with the drivebay-frame from your old drive assembled to the new one just slide it in and have fun :slight_smile:

thx in advance for your help


no suggestions?

not even someone who tells me i am seeking the impossible :wink: