DVD/CDRW combo drives



On CDRW/DVD combo drives which would you suggest. Ive always head samsung just because they were a major player in this market. Im actully looking for an external one but an internal would do fine. I would like it to be as fast as possible on both areas CDRW and DVD.

I was looking @ the

SONY CRX300A Internal
IOMEGA 32721
Samsung SM348BRAS
Toshiba Model ?
Microsolutions 220010

based on what i have read I will be selecting the samsung


I’m curious to know which articles you have read.
I have had good overall experiences with the sony cd-rw.


i read one on anandtech and i read one on the techreport if i


I would definitly go for the Lite-On LTC - 48161H!! :bow: :bow:

This is a real good drive.

See review here .

To see the specs go here and then go to Products, Combo.