DVD/CDRW combo dont read blank cd`s anymore

Its a combo that my sister bought few months back… i dont know whats the make - it has a funny looking logo S!PWMx2 on the front blink3.gif
The cd-rom dont recognise the blank cds when they are in, and it did just jesterday ! Thought it might be the software problem, so i moved the drive into my computer and still the same problem !

Ive read a lot about it on other forums but no solution… what i know is that it still reads already recorded cd-rs, and seems to be working fine just besides the blank cd-rs.

On one of them i found that:
“Check whether your IMAPI CD-burn COM service has been disabled or has stopped running. (run msconfig, or look it up via Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services).
Mark it as a start-up service, reboot, and start the service manually if it still doesn’t run (again by Control Panel/AdTools/Services).”

I did exactly as its said - but the IMAPI still turns itself few OFF seconds after the blank cd goes into the drive… Im running older NERO version, my sister got the latest one - so i guess its not a nero problem ?!

What could be a solution for that problem ?

Ps. already tried updating drivers and other easy moves
and also one thing to add - when i put in the blank cd, and try to acces it (ex. explorer) it opens up with onthing on it (no errors at all)