I have a model MT6831 Gateway Laptop with an
AD7530A ATA device. Has never worked properly. It indicates “Cannot start Error Code 10”. I have tried re-loading, disable - reable, Everything I try says I have the most current driver already installed? Can anybody give me a clue as what to do, I cannot back anything up or load anything.
I’m new to this and do not even sure how to review this site for answers
Thank you
Martin Berglund
Mesa, Arizona


Martin, you have a similar thread in the General Hardware forum so I’m going to close this one. Posting the same question in two different subforums causes confusion on where to answer, and is against forum rules. I’ve also removed your email address, since we do not allow them to be posted in public areas…they are spam magnets out in the open.

Here is the link to your earlier thread, where I posted a possible solution for you. http://club.myce.com/f7/dvd-cd-device-312073/