DVD/CD Writing trouble

I have a Memorex Double layer 16x drive (the Lite-on F16 Drive). Every now and then the burner seems to kill a disc near the end and freeze nero completely. This started happening with cds and now more recently dvds. I took some photos of a cd that burned incorrectly because i noticed a different color ring near the outside (between the data and the empty space). Here are some photos. any help would be appreciated


(I have the BWSE Firmware)

@ ARubinstein
Welcome:). You need to post some more information. What is the MID of the discs you are using? What is the attempted burn speed? Have you defragged your source HDD? Is there an error log? Just save as a .txt file, and attach to post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. Can you also post a Nero Infotool output. Run the tool, then click the diskette icon in the infotool toolbar and save as a .txt file, making sure all 8 boxes are checked. Attach as above.

Visible rings of different shades are common as a burner writes to a DVD at different speeds and recalibrates its laser power. It is unusual for that to happen to a CD tho.

I have defragged my hard drive. Here is the media information:
Media Information

Format Capacity Blank Disc
Free Blocks 736960512
Free Capacity 702.82MB(736.96MB)
Media Type CD-R
ATIP Start Time of Lead In (Media Code) 97m26s66f
ATIP Last Possible Start Time of Lead Out 79m59s71f
Manufacturer Name CMC Magnetics Corporation
HD-BURN Certified YES
Available Write Descriptor CAV 48.0x 7200KBps
Available Write Descriptor CAV 40.0x 6000KBps
Available Write Descriptor CAV 32.0x 4800KBps
Available Write Descriptor CAV 24.0x 3600KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 16.0x 2400KBps
Available Write Descriptor CLV 8.0x 1200KBps

                       Complete Media Code                           

Attached is my nero infotool dump. there is no error log available because nero hard-froze while burning the disc.

@ ARubinstein
Everything looks in order with your infotool. Since this is just an occasional occurence, I am not sure what to say. Could be the occasional poor quality disc. Could be a dirty laser lens. Maybe try running a lens cleaning disc. If you get a chance to save an error log, post it. Maybe someone else will have some ideas for you.

thanks for you help. i think it might be a something wrong with the drive (dirty lens) because it happens with different brands of cdrs and dvds. I might end up getting a replacement from memorex.