DVD/CD write speed went down to 1x from 8/16X


I have HP zv6000 laptop, it came with NEC 6500 cd/dvd burner. It worked great when laptop was new. In the past it has burned lot of cd and dvd. But recently I noticed that write speed has droped to ~1x for CD and DVD. Any idea what’s going on here ? What software setting might have caused this ? How should I start looking in to it ? Any help is highly appreciated.

There is no 16x dvd slimtype burner yet.
Enable DMA mode.

Thanks for response…chef…

I got similar info from other web search resource too…the problem was everyone was saying just reinstall the drive and everything will be fine…I unistalled and reinstalled NEC DVD drive but it was of no use…

Here is how I got it working (window XP)…

  • go to device manager
  • click on IDE ATA/ATAPI controller
  • right clock ‘Secondary IDE Channel’ and Uninstall it
  • restart the computer

Glad you made it. :clap:

I think chef also had this in mind, but he just forgot proper link.
(Read the fourth line from bottom.)

BTW, drive reverts to PIO mode after a certain amount of failed burns (normaly caused by crap media). Make sure you only use quality discs and you’r king. :wink:


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