DVD/CD Storage Cases / Media Deterioration

I’ve noticed a few threads here in recent times that have pointed the finger at the plastic sleeves of CD wallets etc as a possible source of media deterioration (particularly DVD+R/DVD-R). Take the following thread for example, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=146975 , and I’ve noticed threads of a similar nature pop up from time to time.

I’m using much the same type cases to store my DVD collection, they’re aluminium cases with hanging plastic sleeves (200 piece) very similar to these ones, .

So far I haven’t noticed them causing any problems to the DVD’s they contain. I imagine that a lot of other people here are using similar cases so I’d just like to get others opinions on this storage solution. Is anyone else having problems similar to that of the poster in the linked thread or are most people (like myself) having no problems with these CD/DVD boxes with hanging sleeves?

I assume that you are using this method of storage to save space and for portability reasons. Recently I read study ( sorry can’t recall the reference) which indicated that the main causes of deterioration were heat, humindity and light. Your method should keep the light out and assuming that you don’t leave the case on top of a radiator or in you Sauna
I can’t see any problem. Personally though I keep mine in individual DVD cases inside wooden DVD cabinets - takes up more space and I have no need for portability as no one else gets to look at, yet alone touch my DVDs

Looks pretty good to me. The main issue with plastic wallet-type things is that they sandwich the discs, get stacked horizontally, bend the disc, etc., etc.

Here they are vertical and not squished. Still, if you use the discs a lot, the simple act of sliding the disc out and into the sleeve will certainly create scratches over time. It’s always better to have nothing in contact with the data side of the disc.

Yeah that’s right, it’s much more compact than having them in seperate cases plus it helps me organize them.

Fortunately I don’t need to slide them in and out too often so this isn’t a big problem. Also the plastic sleeves are fairly soft and I seem to be able to avoid scratching if I slide them in and out carefully.

I’m just wondering why some people are reporting problems with this type of storage?

While scratches are certainly a possibility, I tested the sleeves that came with the Meritline 510 storage case. I inserted one of my dud G05 discs 500 times while watching the news. I examined the surface before and after under magnification and found no difference. If any scratches result from inserting in these sleeves, I would have to assume it is the result of some foreign material.