DVD/CD safe limit lead-in/out TOC size

How much room does the lead-in, lead-out and Table of Contents take up? Was thinking about using 7-Zip or TrueCrypt to backup files and wanted to know the max I could fit on a DVD. Some say use 4400MB or 4464MB for a single layer DVD. The only number I have fount for dual layer DVD is 8124MB. Does anyone know the exact size the lead-in, lead-out and Table of Contents take up? Them 3 is what is considered the “safe limit” right? Ty.

“safe limit” depends on the media/brand you are using.
Have a look at videohelp.com for some hints.

DVD-R can hold up to 4496 MB and DVD+R can hold up to 4482 MB of data.
The amount of usable space can also differ a bit when using different filesystems.
Lead-in and out is outta this calculations, they use non data areas.

How much is a good amount to put on a DVD? I know some say that if you use good media like Verbatim you can put on more. I am talking about a good limit that will work with most media. For DVD5 I am seeing people recommend anywhere from 4300MB to 4464MB. 4464MB would be for good media like Verbatims. I have not seen many recommendations for DVD9 though. What is a good size for DVD9?

Depends even more on the brand!!

With all those cheapo DVD±DL media you can forget about the second layer…