Dvd/cd-rw problem



I’ve been searching all day. The problem is that my DVD/CD-RW drive used to work, now only DVDs are recognized. I’ve tried numerous CDs, but it doesnt seem to read them, it’s only responding to dvds. It a LITE ON COMBO SOHC -4832K DVD/CD-RW DRIVE. Can someone help me please.


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try booting with your OS CD in the drive - if you can boot from it, that will eliminate the possibility of the CD laser being dead.

You may have to go into your BIOS and set it to boot from the CD drive (under “Boot Sequence” or similar).


Hi, thanks for the reply.

It worked fine when i tried booting my OS on start up, but its not responding once ive loged on, if that makes sense :confused:


It makes sense :iagree:

If you can boot from your OS disc OK, then it’s probably a software problem.

Can you give a little more detail - can it read burned CDRs, pressed (commercial) CDs, or neither?

Can you burn CDs?

A Nero InfoTool output might be handy here, if you can post one. :slight_smile:


Well, its not reading any cd at all, when i try to burn something on a blank disc (cd-r/cd-rw) its says to put in a blank disc.


I tried to burn a few things but its just the same outcome.

It reads all my dvds fine, copied, original etc… I would just go out an buy a new drive,
but i feel i could just fix this one with a little effort, but its not going my way at moment lol.