DVD/CD-rw Combo Problem



I’m not sure what to do, if someone could help I would really appreciate it.

I have a lite-on ltr - 48126s Dvd/cd-rw combo drive but it will not play dvds. When i check my hardware properties it lists the Rom as a DVD/CD-RW but it will only burn and play audio. When i put a dvd into the rom nothing happens. I would like to use it to play DVDs but I’m not sure why it wont work.

What software or hardware am I missing?? :confused:

Plz help…



When i put a dvd into the rom nothing happens
In order to play the DVD from your drive you need a corresponding program like PowerDVD or WinDVD (or maybe WMP9 can play DVD too, dont know never use it) etc. Have you made any use of any such program?


Thanks Hemispasm

no i have never used them but I will try something, I didnt realize that I had to use something like that to make my DVD Rom work.

Is it possible that my Rom is not DVD capable? It lists it in my hardware properties as a DVD/CD-RW but nowhere else. When i dig further it only refers to it as a CDRW.


Stiltz sorry but i didnt notice the drive’s model before, since i took it for granded that your drive is a combo drive. The ltr - 48126s is ofcourse a CD burner and not a combo drive. Further info on your drives characteristics can be found



Thanks Hemispasm

That clears up the problem, i appreciate the help :slight_smile: