DVD/CD-RW COMBO Drives! Help!

Alright, i hope you guys can help. I am in the market of purchasing a dvd cdrw combo drive, not a dvd-rw (too much $$$$).

Please tell me which is the better out of the following, thanks. I am sure this thread will help others too as there are not too many combo drive threads.

Here they are:

Price: $45.00

Samsung SM-332 Internal CD-RW/DVD Combo 32x12x40x12
Price: $45.00

LG 48x24x48x /16x EIDE CD-RW/DVD
Price: $48.00



hey eb i have the Memorex drive that you listed first
I paid about 70 bucks for it @ best buy so 45 is a pretty good deal
I have had problems with it wanting to operate in PIO mode only, but I think that was mostly related to IDE drivers…fixed now->i used the default win xp drivers and they work fine.
The drive is great for me so far(other than the temp. ide probs). I use the nero software that comes w/ the drive and am able to burn most media @ 48x (700mb in under 3mins!!) i would recommend this drive… cant say about the others…
hope this helps


ps - havent tried playing dvds yet but it should be ok

also, i had a samsung drive (not dvd/cd-rw, just cd-rw) and after about 7 mos it kicked the bucket. i will never buy samsung again. the drive wont even read cds anymore. :frowning: my girl also bought a samsung and the thing had horrible power calibration problems. it crashed nero every time she tried to burn.