Dvd/cd rom problems

New to the forum, if someone could help i would appreciate it…here’s the problem, i have an e-machines T3418 desktop pc windows xp, upgraded everything, comes with optical drive dvd rw mulit-format double layer dvd/cd rom drive the problem is that i can’t play region 1 dvds anymore, i used to be able to but i figured it out when i bought a sony handycam and decided what the heck let me try this dvd in my computer to see if it works and sure enough it did. The only thing different from that dvd than all my other dvds is the region code says all… i tried all my other dvds and they won’t even register, i checked my region code and it is selected to region 1, it says the drive is working properly, no upgrades needed. I already unistalled and reinstalled the drive i have windows media player 11 and the classic media player i have cyberlink power dvd. i don’t know why my dvd won’t play the dvds anymore but if someone could help me i am in dire needed i’m going crazy over here please!!!

How many region changes are left?

Try running Anydvd.

i still have all 4 changes left…i will try to run the anydvd and see what happens on lunch break right now will be back on later tonight but hopefully this will work…i’ll keep you posted and thank you by the way