DVD/CD rom not working



Can anyone help? I followed an earlier suggestion to fix my ATAPI DH16W1P ATA device but I must be doing something wrong. Does anyone have a link to a patch that I can download? I hear the vista patch doesn’t work, but XP might? Desparate for help!


What exactly is the problem with the drive? Does it not show up in My Computer? Or is it not playing cds or dvds? The drive will have two lasers in it, one for cds and one for dvds. It is quite possible to have a hardware failure that only affects one of the lasers.

Or is it not burning?

The first thing to try is Microsoft’s Fix It tool, which you can find by clicking the link in my signature that says [I]Microsoft support for optical drives[/I].


Ran a Mr. Fix It from microsoft and it says it can’t locate device driver. i tried to uninstall and reinstall. Different threads I’ve read suggest Registry or “class-specific” drivers might be missing. Can an internet security program setting block the dvd/cd driver do you know?


It is possible for certain software programs to interfere in optical drive operation, including Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120. Certain malware/virus infections can also cause some problems in burning, but don’t cause drivers to go missing as far as I am aware. Internet security settings interfering with drivers on an optical drive would be a new one for me.

Since this is an IDE interface drive, you might try deleting the IDE controller channel that this drive is on. You can find this in Device Manager. Don’t delete the channel if your hard drive with your operating system is on this same channel. I don’t know if your optical drive is on the Primary or Secondary channel.

Once deleted, reboot and let the operating system find the “new” hardware. Drivers should be reinstalled by Windows.

Optical drives have the drivers [B]within[/B] all modern operating systems.