DVD/CD ready for ALL protections

Is there any DVD drive that reads Subchannels in all variants and Does EFM Decoding?

Smiley to those who answer :slight_smile:

Hi Zyron,

I dontt know exactly what you mean by EFM Decoding, but i suppose you mean the weak sectors which Safedisc 2 uses, in other means Correct EFM Encoding. The Toshiba DVD-Roms are the best for reading Subchannels and the correct EFM encoding. I have the Toshiba 1401 DVD SCSI and its great and does it all, but all other Toshiba DVD-Roms is wonderful, the newest one: Toshiba 1502 IDE is to recommend cause its very very fast, works fine on the fly to........ Even the Yamaha 2100s burner which you didnt like reads correct EFM encoding, just to tease you a bit…hehee


Ji merlin. Correct EFM Decoding is the opposite of Encoding. It Reads the EFM by decoding it. And encodes it again on burning.

Hi Zyron,

Ok, i understand what you mean. Well, the Toshiba`s are the best for this kind of reading, atleast at the DVD front. All my units can do a perfect Safedisc 2 image so i do not have to worry :slight_smile: Why did you ask about a DVD that can do EFM Decoding? Are you into buying one yourself?


Sorry, but 2100 doesn’t do EFM Encoding = SD2 support.

Yes, will buy a DVD-Rom myself to see my DVD-film.
I bought 3.

I have the Toshiba DVD 1502 IDE myself and can confirm it reads excellent. I love it!

Hi Zyron,

No, my Yamaha 2100 cant do correct EFM Encoding but the question was the reading not the burning. The Yamaha 2100 can do EFM reading, a perfect image of a Safedisc 2 protected game, but you cant burn the image with the Yamma 2100. For Safedisc 2 i use my Plexwriter 8/20 with firmware 1.07 for burning…
Buy a Toshiba DVD-ROM and fly high into the sky…


I have a Pioneer 16x… and it doesn’t read sub-channel…

Does anyone knows a dvd that does?


Any Toshiba DVD.