DVD/CD Player not working

I’ve lost the use of my dvd/cd player in my HP Pavilion laptop. I 've searched the computer folders and all I find is the hard disk drive . I go to my media player and it says no cd drive is installed. I need to down load an Optical Drive for this unit. Anyone know where to get one?

I take it you want a driver for the optical drive? That is included in the operating system and doesn’t need to be upgraded or replaced.

Does the optical drive show up in Device Manager?

If not, check in the bios of the computer and see if the optical drive shows up there. Look in your manual for the procedure to access the bios on your laptop. (on an HP it may be F1 as you boot up, before Windows loads)

By the way, you don’t have to change anything in the bios, you’re just looking to see if the hardware shows up.

Let us know if you find it in either location.

I’d go to HPSupport.com

Gto driver downloads

Allow HP to Auto detect drivers for your computer

The very first thing you want to do is a bios update (if available) or a bios re-flash (if not)

While it’s possible that your optical drive simply died (I’ve had it happen…) I’m thinking either the bios reflash OR re-installing the chipset drivers will make things “right”

And those things don’t hurt anyway…

If that doesn’t correct things report back and someone will likely have a next step suggestion.

What model HP notebook?