Dvd/cd player doesn't support cdr, cdrw what's the solution?

sony dvd/cd player dvp-ns300 - i can’t play cdr s with my own mixed music. Are there any methods to make it posssible? what about silver cdr s?

i’m still diggin’ :wink:

Funny thing is you player is reported to be able to play cd/rw’s but to have a hard time with cd-r’s, mp3’s and svcd’s. so maybe you should try on a cd-rw.

In order to increase compatibility of self-burned cd’s you could try another brand of cd-r’s and/or lower the writing speed.

maybe there are tricks with lead -in or sth like that , well i’ll wait for another solutions , thx for your opinions :slight_smile:

There are no such tricks… if your device should be able to read cdr/cdrw’s and it doesn’t do it, the only thing you can try is different media and using a slower writing speed.


ok thx