DVD/CD Emulator for BlindWrite?

Is Daemon-Tools the only one that supports BlindWrite images? It’s free, but it hasn’t been updated for a loooong time so I’m looking around.

Quoted from http://www.daemon-tools.cc/ Thu Mar 03.

Dear Community,

we didn’t post here for a while, so let me assure you, it was not our
intention to not inform you for such a long time. We think it is best
to first write about new version again when it’s foreseeable that new
version is finnished in big parts (more or less something around the

Now, I’m proud to tell you it IS finnished in most parts, and it will be
beta-tested soon, so stay tuned! We will inform you about progress
from now on more frequently.

The other news is related to our registering-process, since more and
more stupid posts about abusive material occur on our portal, although we several
times posted to read the rules first, we have no other choice than
to block freemail-accounts from now on.

You have to use a “real” email-adress, f.e. we accept no hotmail-accounts
anymore. Users who already registered with a hotmail-account are not
affected. We observe the board and will add other freemailers or even
close the board for some time to hold up the high quality of our posts.

In no way will we tolerate such behaviour here. Again, it’s also possible
that we close the board and only registered users (=supporters) can use
it. You decide!

Man, I can’t wait for the new version of Daemon. Most of the new games have the current version of Daemon blacklisted.

Hmm. I take it that means that Daemon-Tools is the only DVD/CD Emulator that works w/ BlindWrite images?

It’s a little unnerving if I have to depend on a freeware product and nothing else.