DVD/CD Duplicator


Our church is looking to purchase a DVD/CD Tower Duplicator. We’re looking to spend anywhere from $300 to $600 on a 3:1 duplicator. I did some research online and was told Aleratec made some decent duplicators and I decided to check their site.

This is what I’m looking to purchace: http://aleratec.com/al13dvtopuhl.html

I’ve got a couple questions for those of you with more experience with such things than I.

First: I’m new to lightscribe. All I have seen are black and white images on the discs. Is there color available to lightscribe? And if so, would the unit I linked have color lightscribe available?

Second Question: Is this really worth buying? Is it cost effective? Should I be purchasing a different brand? Or is there a cheaper unit out there?

Also, if I were to purchase a non-standalone tower, does it matter what kind of DVD drive the computer it’s hooked to is running? Or would you just be using .ISO’s for say… burning recorded church services?

Again, we’re looking for either a 1:3 or 1:4 DVD/CD Duplicator with Lightscribe Technology. I have no preference if it’s a stand alone or not, we have a church computer with a large enough hard drive.

I posted this is the newbie section, but I thought this area might be more appropriate. Any information you have on this subject is greatly appreciated!

I would split the “lightscribing part” from the “duplicating/copying part”.

Lightscribe has no real “colours” to offer.
Better get a Pixma printer and printable DVDs.