DVD/CD drive will no longer read CD's....period



I have a Gateway GT5464 which has a Dual Dvd/Cd burner. It worked not too long ago but recently it stopped reading anytype of cd. The light blinks at first then the drive just stops. When i right click the drive in my computer, my windows explorer quits working. I tried a chipset and BIOS update. And also i uninstalled it in device manager and rebooted. No luck yet…any ideas.


Hi and Welcome,

please get a bootable CD (Ultimate Boot CD, any Linux Live CD, Bart PE etc. - just as you like) and try to boot from that disc. You might change the boot order in Bios if your computer does not provide some boot menu.
If you can’t boot from a CD, then probably the CD-part of the drive has gone bad. In that case, the drive has to be replaced.



New advancement…My computer won’t even load or shut down with a cd in the drive…so im thinking this falls under the replace the drive situation…am i right? I might just buy me a cd drive and install it as a second drive since the first one can read and write dvds perfectly


Yeah sounds like a bad sign when it doesn’t load. But that sounds like my same apporch. If things don’t clear up with a new drive it would be nice to check your bios settings :stuck_out_tongue: