DVD/ CD drive stopped reading any DVD's, CD's after using Itunes



Downloaded Itunes uploaded 15 or so Audio CD’s to Itunes without a problem then all of a sudden the DVD/CD drive stopped reading anything. I will put a CD in the drive sounds like its spinning then sounds like it beeps while the green light blinks. It does this a few times then loads nothing like it cannot read the disk.
If anyone can help or have any advice that would be wonderful Thanks.


Hi and Welcome!

have you checked device manager if there are any problem indicators?



Hello Michael there is no problem indiacators on device manager and it says its working properly but it wont load or read any kind of disc that I put in the drive.



Please grab a bootable CD or DVD and see if you can boot from that disc.



Audio, DVD, even a CD-Rom Lazer Lens Cleaner will not boot. It will not boot in auto or if I try to manually go to the drive on “my computer” and boot it nothing. It will make sounds at me like its trying to boot but ends up not being able to read the disc.


[QUOTE=mmediumm;2513687]Audio, DVD, even a CD-Rom Lazer Lens Cleaner will not boot. [/QUOTE]Of course not, since none of these are bootable.:disagree:
Either use your Windows install disc (this is bootable) or ask a friend if he can download and burn a Live Linux system like Ubuntu for you.
Insert that disc into your drive, shutdown your computer and turn it on again.

You may have to change the settings in Bios to allow booting from CD/DVD at first or simply use the boot menu provided by your computer’s Bios. Please read the computer’s manual for details.