Dvd/cd drive problems

:bigsmile: :iagree: Hello all,catonthewebb here but you can call me cat!Here’s my problem-up until recently my dvd/cd drive(QSI DVDRW SDW-041)was working fine.Could play dvd’s,games and cd’s and had no trouble burning.But now I can only play cd’s and dvd’s and can’t burn a sausage!Now, my pc recently had items removed to clear space on hard drive so I was wondering if something could have been removed by accident or is my drive kaputt? :confused: :sad: Thanks to all help given,catonthewebb

Hi Cat, and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Could you tell us what software you were using to burn things with (when it worked before)?

hi imkidd57,yeah all of my burning was with ‘Record now’ but when that failed,I tried burning with Real Player,and pics via Adobe Ps’s burner but no joy.Thank you for you quick response mate-Internet Rules :wink:

Yes you need a proper burning application, rather than all of these attached solutions via plugins or whatever.

Can you uninstall then reinstall Record Now? Otherwise you should try ImgBurn, which is freeware and IMO happens to be the best burning application around.

seems like sound advice,but how come all worked before and not now?Also why won’t drive play games?

I am not sure with the limited information available, but if the drive stopped behaving after you cleared stuff off the HDD, it’s possible those two things are related.

You could try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager, then rebooting from a complete power-off. This forces the OS to reinstall the optical disc drivers again. Also run a registry/temp file cleaner like CCleaner to get rid of any remains of whatever was deleted before: