DvD/CD drive not reading any kind disks



Okay so i have seen various posts of samelike problems but i am not sure. Alot of them make some sense but some non my dvd/cd drive DOES NOT READ ANYTHING just tells me ENTER something into the drive. What i think is from what i remember after replacing POWER SUPPLY it had stoped working im not exactly sure just from what i remember but as it seems driver light is on opens/closes fine just when put disk in reads nothing but i HEAR a slight noise coming from computer sounds like trying to power up enough to run CD drive but than stops in matter 3 seconds so i am not sure MY GUESS is its POWER SUPPLY but ive tried deleting driver reinstalling etc…doing driver scans…all turned out fine… so last choice has to be POWER SUPPLY just wondering if maybe POWER SUPPLY is not powerful enough to run it never heard of this but wondering if someone can back that up thanks.



Forgot to mention I am using LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H

DVD/CD rom drive

Disk drive is WDC WD400EB-11CPF0


Also just noticed green light on my tower next to disk drive stays on for about 10 seconds goes off flashes 2-3 times and i hear the noises while this is going on than nothing lights off…Fugg my life


Well that was cool i jacked CD drive outta my e-machine put in my hp and BLAM works thanks ENJOY if your having same problem