DVD & CD disks get circle's on that can be seen from below and from top

I have found some cd’s and dvd’s that have marks appearing on them. This causes some files on the cd not to work, as if the cd was scratched. The marks are very strange cause its not on the cd surface. It’s on the inside of the cd. I just today wanted to copy files from a backup dvd when I saw a big half circle at the outer edge. Some files now can’t be copied. I tried cleaning the dvd, but nothing happened and when I looked closely it was not on the surface. I could also see this circle from the top, white part of the cd. It’s as if something is eating the cd’s from the inside. Does anyone have the problem or any idea of what it is? The dvd I tried today was still very new and I only used it like 2 times before. The rest of the cd was still looking great, except for the circle thing. Help Please… :confused:

Copy protections on pressed discs are those.

If its a half circle then the disc may be delaminating. Post some pics if you want us to comment more. Also what is the MID code of the disc.

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@chef He said that he was trying to copy files off of a copy so how could it be pressed.

What is a pressed disk?

Here is the image. Thx for the replies. I’ll look for the other cd’s I’ve had with circles on them. The other cd’s had very small full circles, quite a few on one disk.

From those pictures it’s obvious that eric93se was right - your discs are delaminating and close to dying if they’re not already dead.

Here’s more pics with the cd held at an angle on the scanner. Oh, and it’s a Everlotus cd and I used a samsung dvd writer to copy the disk.

I guess that means I’ll have to replace my disks more often.

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You could try using better discs. :slight_smile: TY or Verbatim are the best 2 choices.

I concur. :slight_smile: