DVD/CD disc & drive testing tool, DVDInfo-pro



DVDInfo-pro is a fairly new arrival on the burning scene. Having recently had the opportunity to work with this program, I feel that it is a good tool to have around.

Don’t let the name fool ya, it’s got features for CD-R/RW media and drives too. At the heart of the program are screens for reading out your drive’s and media’s information.

Presently, the media info function only works on burned media. In the “Advanced Commands” drop-down, you will also find a command to display the full ADIP code for the media.

On Windows 2K/XP systems, this program can run in SPTI mode, making ASPI un-necessary. If problems occur, you can also run it in ASPI mode, using only ASPI version 4.60. Win9x will also require ASPI 4.60. The program setting is located in the options window. Note that the use of the Nero ASPI is also supported.

The program contains a well-written help file that details all the data that’s displayed. Just hit the help button in any screen for context-sensitive help pages.

There is also a transfer rate test that is similar to what you’ve seen in CDSpeed.

There’s a RW erase and format function as well:

At the present time, these functions vary for different media. Consult the help files for details.

You will also find a tool that can check your burned discs for read errors. This resembles the well-known CDSpeed Scandisc function, although it appears to operating a bit differently.

Here’s an excerpt from the help file on this function:


The graph displays coloured blocks giving the following information.

Each colored block represents a number of 2048 byte sectors depending on the media and are as follows:

DVD-5 Single Layer = 400 x 2048 byte blocks

DVD-9 Dual Layer = 800 x 2048 bytes blocks

CD = 80 x 2048 byte blocks

DDCD & HD-BURN CD = 160 x 2048 byte blocks

Block Colors

GREEN - The green blocks represent groups of blocks with no error.

WHITE - The white blocks represent a block that gave an error but a retry read was successful.

RED - The red blocks represent errors that failed even on a retry.


Reads are done in multiple blocks at a time as shown above. When an error occurs the blocks are retried, if successful a white block is drawn and testing continues. If the retries also fail, the program enters a mode where each individual block in the group are tested. Each individual block that fails will be listed in the list box to the right along with its hexadecimal LBA (Logical Block Address). For convenience the list is numerically numbered on the extreme left, this number if for your convenience and has no meaning to the error, other than the sequential order that it occurred.

My experience thus far with this test has been that it is more likely to pick up reading problems than CDSpeed Scandisc. It is not measuring PI/PO, but is actually reporting whether the sector can be read. Error correction in drives will vary a lot, and some DVD players will not have difficulty reading discs that show red blocks here. The difference in reading speed is one factor that may affect this. Maybe we can convince the author to add a speed setting function here so that we can adjust the read speed.

At the bottom of the DVDInfo window, you will see a drop-down list of advanced functions that is available to users with more knowledge than me.

New to DVDInfo-pro is a feature for verifying the contents of a burned ISO image.

This feature is still under development, and will be included in the download version very soon.

You will also see a book type setting for Ricoh-based drives. consult the help files regarding this.

All in all, this is a great tool for burner freaks to have around. The author has made himself very available to users for problem resolution and feature requests. You can visit the DVDInfo forums to discuss the program, or feel free to do so here.

The author has consented to stop by here once in a while and contribute, so don’t hesitate to post with questions.

The program is free for the adware version, but I highly recommend paying the $20 for the ad-free version. I think you will likely end up using this program far more than many others that you have paid a lot more for, and you will enable the author to keep developing and expanding this tool.


Thanks for the intro, its wonderful. I will do my best to participate and provide support on this forum.

I have uploaded V2.09 to the web site


Which corrects the Win98 wont load bug in V2.07 and fixes the 2GB barrier bug in the ISO Compare function.



Hi Nic,
I see mine is version 2.05

Also, how does one best update the program, do you have to re-install with your serial number each time?


Heh, I updated about four times yesterday. 2.09 seems to have improved the ISO checking feature.

Just run Setup.exe and it will overwrite your old file. When it asks for your name and serial, just leave both blank if you’re just updating an already registered version. It will say that it’s installing the adware version, but don’t worry, it’ll still be registered.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
[B]Hi Nic,
I see mine is version 2.05

Also, how does one best update the program, do you have to re-install with your serial number each time? [/B]

The serial number part can be be skipped for updating. Just ignore the invalid serial number warnings and just update with the advert version, the program will know its the advert free one and the correct one will be installed.



New version out, 2.16
Now appears to be showing ADIP info on blank media.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
New version out, 2.16
Now appears to be showing ADIP info on blank media.

I have not changed anything in that area, the program has been able to show ADIP info on blank + media for quite a while now using either of two commands depending on which is supported. If its just started working for you when it was not before then I would say a recent firmware update has added in one of the two commands.



Maybe it’s because of the 411 drive, it doesn’t do it with the 401.


Originally posted by rdgrimes
Maybe it’s because of the 411 drive, it doesn’t do it with the 401.

Yes, that is correct. When I discussed this issue with liteon they added it to the 411 as they were working on that at the time. I think they will eventually get round to adding it the 401s too.



The 401 does do it, but only with SmartBurn. (latest version)


Originally posted by rdgrimes
The 401 does do it, but only with SmartBurn. (latest version)

And it must be using non-standard commands that are not public (or even developer under NDA) information yet for some reason.


What does the adware version install onto my PC?

I always use Adaware to keep my PC free of spyware etc but I’d like to check out this program before paying for it.


Originally posted by jem16
What does the adware version install onto my PC?

Nothing, you just have some ad banners in the program window.