DVD/CD can burn DVD's, read/write CD's but can't play DVD's

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that I have been wrestling with for several weeks. I’ve finally endured enough pain to ask for help.

I have a Plextor 712AS (SATA drive DVD/CD RW) that had alway worked fine. Lately I can’t play DVD’s, because when a DVD is in the drive, all my software fails to recognize that anything is in the drive.

If I put a blank DVD in, I can burn DVD images all day long. It also recognizes CDs and autoruns them. I’ve tried several different DVD playing softwares and none will notice that a DVD is in the drive.

Windows Explorer does not see anything in the drive either, when I click on the drive letter, I can explore but nothing appears in the window.

I’ve uninstalled the driver and rebooted. The ‘New hardware wizard’ finds and installs the device. The troubleshooter under computer management says the drive is working properly. I’ve reinstalled the latest ASAPI and no change.

I’m at my wits end here. I’m thinking that its a software/config problem, since I can burn dvd’s and read CD’s. This has been a phenomenal drive and I really need to get it working again.

Thanks a million times in advance for any help you can give me.


One additional thing. I’ve been playing with a new TV tuner and several different softwares. I’ve installed/uninstalled 3-4 different PVR software that also have DVD interfaces.

Any ideas? Anyone?