DVD/CD burners blue ray vs non, build Quality?



I’m planning to purchase a new burner strictly for burning non blue ray. My question is, are the blue ray burners built with better quality components throughout for reading/writing or, just cost more for the blue ray capability? I’ve been looking at a couple SamSung burners I think are the same burners inside just one is OEM and the other is not just more expensive. Thanks! Other brand suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:


All we have is anecdotal evidence saying that the Blu-ray drives tend to be slightly better built than the modern DVD burners. We haven’t seen that many complaints about dying Blu-ray drives, but this may simply be a reflection of their lesser popularity due to people moving away from optical formats, plus the 300% higher cost of the Blu-ray drives.

Part of the higher cost for Blu-ray drives is the blue laser reading/writing assembly, but licensing is also a pretty big factor.

Many of us recommend the Pioneer Blu-ray drives as being both dependable and high quality writers. Those who really want to split hairs recommend the Pioneer drives built for the Japanese market, like the BDR-209J. If you are in the US, I’m not sure how you’d find a J model however. The regular 209 is easily found at Amazon or Newegg.


IMHO,If you’re only gonna use it for dvd burning,buying a blu-ray burner is wasted money…
Even if the build quality COULD be better…
You can buy 4-5 dvd burners for the price of 1 blu-ray burner…so even if you’d buy a crappy 1,I’m pretty sure 4-5 burners in a row outlive the life expectation of 1 blu-ray burner,economically speaking…:wink:
I still burn most of my dvd’s with burners from around 2004-2007…:wink:


My SamSung burners have been OK .
I still use a BenQ 1650 for most of my burns.
All are IDE drives.
If I was looking for a newer SATA drive I would probably get a SamSung.
That’s only my opinion though.
I still also use a Matshita Hammer for an external but mostly I rip with it as it can’t be book typed. It can’t do scans either. It seems to be a very good reader though.