DVD CCA postpones election of watermarking standard



I just posted the article DVD CCA postpones election of watermarking standard.

As you all know, DVD’s are protected against copying and ripping but the protection has already been bypassed by even 7 lines of code. DeCSS the tool that was initially designed to make Linux DVD…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3856-DVD-CCA-postpones-election-of-watermarking-standard.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3856-DVD-CCA-postpones-election-of-watermarking-standard.html)

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I thought that we were able to make a personal backup of something we own but i guess big business and their money have corrupted america.So i guess if it goes bad they will give me a new disc then huh?Well let the games begin.


The law already allows you to make back ups of content you legally own. But only if you have the ability to back it up. However, the law does not state that the company that produces a product has to make their products in a way that it can be backed up. So you are allowed to back things up, but only if they provide you with a way of backing them up. Which is their choice. People are fighting for this to change, that they have to give us the right to back it up. But they haven’t gotten that far yet. Also, it’s bascially illegal to even try to break a copy-protection. If you try and fail they can still hold you responsible. It’s like this. If the door to your favorite store is open, you have a right to come in. But if it’s lock, and you try to break in and can’t. It’s still attempted robbery.


A small percentage of what a consumer paid for media was gleaned by the producing companies to cover what was known as “fair use policy” ie , the ability for the consumer to “back up” the product, I have seen nowhere where this policy has been withdrawn or the garnered percentage been refused by companies making selling media unable to be backed up…If anyone has , please enlighten me, for as far as I’m concerned it still happens and once again the consumer is being fucked over…:7


The consumer always gets fucked over. Always, no matter what they buy. They buy a product, that degrades and wears out. Then their money is gone, and because they bought it they have to pay tax to the Government. Bascially sales tax is the Government punishing you to buy something. The Government gets the tax, the company gets the money. They get so much from people they make more money in interest then I will ever see in my life. They live happily ever after, and we’re looking for a better job because we’re out of money. For the average joe that just wants to work hard and make a good honest living. Good luck. You’ll only get what you want if you fuck other people.